Preen2Pristine Pet Parlor & Snack Shack, LLC, is a full-service upscale pet spa and boutique developed by Janelle and Jyl Kaneshiro. The mission of P2P is to provide the highest quality professional pet grooming and styling services with an emphasis on the care and treatment of its four-legged clientele.


P2P has focused on reducing the fear and anxiety many animals experience during grooming sessions through thoughtful handling as well as by providing clean, comfortable and open holding pens rather than cages. Experience has found that if the pet is in a free environment they are less stressed and display a much calmer demeanor.


Salon services include the basics such as bathing, shampooing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning as well as more elaborate treatments such as a Blueberry Facial.

Premium shampoos and conditioners made from organic ingredients will be featured in the salon to keep pet’s skin and coat healthy and smelling great.


P2P’s boutique offers a variety of unique dog and cat accessories, toys and gifts including exotic and hard-to-find gourmet pet snacks.


The average time a dog is in our possession is approximately 2 hours. We have implemented a pick-up time of no longer than one hour after the pet is completed. If they exceed the hour we charge a substantial fee to encourage this timely pick up.

Photo Gallery: Our 4-Legged Clientele